smarTrike STR5 6 in 1 Foldable Toddler Stroller Tricycle Combination with 1 Hand Steering Shock Absorbency and 5 Point Harness, Black and White

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Watch your children learn, gain confidence, and set their own course with the smarTrike 6 in 1 Modular Toddler Stroller Tricycle with 1-Handed Steering. This innovative modular toddler transportation system starts out as a stroller designed for babies as young as 10 months and grows with your child in 6 stages, finally turning into a fully independent trike. The patented touch steering technology creates a comfortable and smooth steering experience, allowing you to guide your everyday adventure with the slightest touch. Providing the smoothest ride your kid can get, the unique shock-absorbing mechanism provides a safe, smooth, and seamless riding experience across rough terrains. With every modern safety feature that makes you and your little one feel safe and confident, including a 5-point harness, safety bar, and rear-wheel locking system, you can let your stress melt away and focus on building your child's confidence, motor skills, and sense of adventure. Take your stroller trike along wherever the journey leads by easily folding it down into a compact bundle in seconds. Set out on the open road of growth, learning, exploration, and fun with your toddler using the 6 in 1 Modular Toddler Stroller Tricycle with 1-Handed Steering.