Ember - Baby Bottle System 6 oz Self-Warming Smart Baby Bottle

The Ember Baby Bottle System warms milk or formula with the touch of a button and keeps it cool until you need it. Finally, feedings only require two things: a bottle and milk. With both convenience and precision at the heart of what we do, the Ember Baby Bottle System ensures safe and even warming using convection current technology and our triple-check safety features. Multiple sensors detect temperature and liquid levels, so every Bottle is warmed precisely and at just the right heat to preserve nutrients while eliminating hotspots. With the Ember Baby Bottle System, each feeding is warmed perfectly for anyone, anywhere - every time. Either tap the Smart Warming Puck or use the Ember Baby app to start a warming cycle remotely from another room, then track each feeding, log weight, and time spent breastfeeding, so you’re always on track. You can even get the latest information on feeding, health, and sleep all at your fingertips in the Learn Center of the app.